3 Careers You Can Pursue With A Liberal Arts Degree

Posted on: 27 September 2016

If you are a liberal arts major, then people are always asking what you are going to do with your degree. Liberal arts students are well-prepared for the job market. They learn a broad range of skills, which is important for today's technology advancements, the state of the economy, and for a broader global perspective.

This degree gives you an overview of humanities, the arts, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and skills that help you excel in the workforce. More than half of liberal arts graduates hold down jobs in the social service industry. One benefit of this degree is it allows you to explore multiple areas of interest. Read on to find out three careers you can get with this degree.

Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is one of the careers you can pursue with this degree. This career is responsible for the brand identity of celebrities or clients. Public relations specialists work on the behalf of a public figure or corporation. They have to increase visibility for their clients and talk to the media on the behalf of their clients.

This career requires a bachelor of arts degree in public relations, journalism, communications, or advertising. A public relations specialist makes a median salary of $48,067. If you want a managerial position, then you should pursue a graduate degree.

Teach The Next Generation

One of the main qualifications to become a teacher is a bachelor's degree. To pursue a professional career in this field, teachers must have an educational background of social sciences, sciences, languages, and arts. A liberal arts program provides you with the training and knowledge to pass subject matter exams to become a teacher.

Become A Writer

Writing puts you on a very diverse career path. It is a career that allows you work from home, at a stationary workplace, or to travel. Writers have to know how to prepare stories, articles, books, and manuscripts. They work in television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and journals. Degrees in English and liberal arts help writers to exhibit the expertise to be successful in this field.

This degree gives you the practical skills that are necessary for lifelong achievement and learning. These practical skills refer to having good communication skills and being good at research writing. It helps to understand that it is not always about what you are learning. Emphasis should also be put on communication and problem solving skills. These skills will ultimately lead to your success. For more information about how to obtain a liberal arts degree, talk to an educator at Chatfield College.