Subjects You Can Teach In Adult Continuing Education With Political News Stories

Posted on: 14 February 2023

Adult continuing education can encompass many topics. The most common form of this type of education is helping adults obtain a general education diploma in place of their high school diploma. When you are teaching in this type of educational environment, you will need to make sure you are teaching the basic core requirements for GED testing. If you are looking for a way to get the most out of small, and relatively free resources, consider political news stories. Here are some subjects you can cover using a simple political news story each day. 

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is an area of study that some students have an issue with. This can be especially true when you are dealing with a student that has taken a long break from school and is coming back. You can use political news stories as a form of reading comprehension. This does not mean simply asking questions about the story. You can also build comprehension by asking probing questions and opinions on the story and the politics involved in the story.


Geography appears on many adult continuing education tests for a GED. Having a solid background in basic world geography can be key when dealing with history questions that may be on the test. It can also help with understanding the world around us as well as the social aspects of ourselves and the people around us. Political news stories will mention various areas around the world. The stories will focus on different political connections between countries such as Russia and Ukraine or Sudan and Pakistan. When the area of the world is mentioned, you can turn that into a geography lesson using just a simple map of the world and globe. If you have solid internet access, you can also use free software to visit the area on the globe and give your students a deeper understanding. 

American Government

American government topics are about more than who holds elected offices. You also need to know about relations between the United States government and other nations. You will need to know how the different governments work, who votes on what legislation, and what the people can vote on versus what representatives vote on. These are all aspects that can be touched on and talked about through the use of political news stories in the continuing education realm.

These are just a few of the subjects you can cover and bring together by using daily political news stories. If you are considering ways to help your adult continuing education classes for free or with free resources, consider your news resources. There are many forms of news resources including world news, political news stories, science-related stories, and even entertainment sources. All of these can be used to teach various topics and make sure your students understand the core subjects they are studying.