Crucial Questions To Ask Colleges In Cincinnati As An Adult Student Who Would Like To Go Back To College

Posted on: 29 December 2016

If you have wanted to finish college or to go back for additional training, but your family or career has made doing so difficult in recent years, it is important to be aware of how many options there are now for adult college students to get the education they need in the Cincinnati area. While you may be aware of internet classes, it is often surprising to discover the possibility of earning college credits for knowledge you already have or that you acquire on your own without benefit of a classroom or teacher. Once you have decided that college should be in your immediate future, it is a good idea to the following questions of any college in Cincinnati that you might consider attending.

How Many Of The Classes That You Need Will Be Available Online?

While internet classes are definitely a viable option for many students, there are still many classes and degree plans that cannot be completed solely online.  Common examples of that concern include science classes that need a laboratory portion of the class for completion and degree plans that require clinical experiences, like nursing or teaching. Therefore, you should discuss your educational goals with the administrators or guidance counselors at any school where you might enroll. By doing so, you will have reasonable and accurate expectations of what can or cannot be accomplished through online classes.  

Can You Test Out Of Any Classes?

One important and often overlooked way to earn a degree involves using your life experiences or self-learning to acquire the necessary knowledge to pass a very precise and exacting test on the subject. This series of tests is known as the College Level Examination Program, or CLEP. It is provided by College Board and is available for 36 college- level classes.

You can choose to buy the book, study on your own and take the test or use the knowledge you have already accrued to take the CLEP test. There will be a fee to take the test and successfully passing the exam will give you the credit you need in order to take the next class or to otherwise proceed with your educational plan. If your college does not permit that option for earning credits through testing, it is a good idea to ask if they have similar testing programs available.      

In conclusion, choosing the right college as a working adult is likely to be very different than it was choosing an educational facility as a high-school senior. Therefore, it will be quite helpful to ask the questions listed above to a university like UC Clermont College or any college in Cincinnati that you are interested in attending.