Three Reasons To Send Your Teen To Safety Driving School

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Whether your teen's high school offers driver's education courses or you are teaching your child to drive on your own, there are many reasons to consider having him or her take safety driving school classes. Here are just a few of those reasons to consider as you prepare your new driver for the road.

Insurance Discounts

Insuring a teen driver can sometimes be expensive, and you'll probably want to look for ways to reduce this expense as much as possible. Some insurers offer discounts for drivers who take safety driving courses. This is because some insurers believe that drivers enrolled in these courses may be less likely to engage in dangerous driving habits. Talk to our agent to see whether or not your child can take one of these courses to earn a discount on your premiums. Your agent may also be able to give you other ways to stack on discounts as well, such as adding safety equipment to the vehicle.

Beyond Basic Education

Driver's education courses teach the basics of how to operate a vehicle and obey traffic laws, but there isn't always enough time to learn about defensive and safe driving practices. Enrolling your new driver in safety driving school helps him or her build the skills needed to perceive dangers on the road and take appropriate actions to avoid an accident. With this extra training, you may even feel more comfortable handing over the keys to your car when the time comes.

Extra Driving Practice

There's no such thing as too much practice behind the wheel. If you can't take your child out to practice driving, or if the local high school only offers minimal time on the road, you may want to consider safety driving school to provide extra practice. The driving school instructor may seek out busier streets to help your teen feel more comfortable in traffic, and the class may include some driving and parking scenarios that simply aren't taught in traditional high school driver's education courses.

Learning to drive is a big responsibility, and you want to give your teen driver all of the tools he or she needs to be safe and cautious on the road. Safety driving school can be an integral part of teaching your teen how to drive effectively, and it might even provide a little bit of added confidence when tricky driving situations present themselves on the road. Check with a company like Safety School of Driving for more information.